Crypto SA Participates T1 Algorand Master Node in Australia

Crypto SA has joined with Mozaik Capital, Digital Asset Capital Management, NJM and Divergence Digital Currency Master to participate the Algorand token and equity sales event. We are registered as the exclusive Tier 1 Algorand master node in Australia.

Algorand is a new protocol that tries to solve the “Impossible Trinity”, where scalability, decentralisation and security cannot exist at the same time. Through the innovative Binary Byzantine Agreement protocol (BBA) with a cryptographic algorithm known as “Cryptographic Sortition”, Algorand can solve the “Impossible Trinity” and hence the limitation of PoW consensus.

The Algorand test-net demonstrates:

Fast transaction per second (3,000+) whilst scaling well to 500,000 users;

Transaction confirmation times within a minute and the impossibility of arbitrary network partition;

Trivial computations that require a few seconds of computation and do not require extensive computing power, miners, or proof of work to be done;

Security against strong adversaries in the network, whom can adaptively and instantaneously correct network users.

Crypto SA has filed to participate the test-net once it is released to the public.