Crypto SA Participates T1 Algorand Master Node in Australia

Crypto SA has joined with Mozaik Capital, Digital Asset Capital Management, NJM and Divergence Digital Currency Master to participate the Algorand token and equity sales event. We are registered as the exclusive Tier 1 Algorand master node in Australia. Algorand is a new protocol that tries to solve the “Impossible Trinity”, where scalability, decentralisation and […]

Crypto SA Becomes First Australia-Based Approved Sponsor Firm On The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

Sponsor Firms are a vital part of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange ecosystem helping issuers to come to market on the GBX GRID and Digital Asset Exchange.   Adelaide, Australia – 03rd July 2018 – Crypto SA is proud to announce today that it has become an approved Sponsor Firm with the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). […]